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master-planned communities

Kids in Hammock within Emerson Ranch community in Oakley, CA | Brookfield Residential

Emerson Ranch

At Emerson Ranch, life is simplified along the picturesque California Delta – where days are filled with the sweet sights and sounds of kids at play and nights are blanketed with brilliant stars. You’ll find charming homes affordably priced with bigger yards and comforting amenities. Families can plant roots and make plans against a landscape big enough to hold their dreams.

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Person and bicycle within the East Bay community in Dublin, CA | Brookfield Residential


Welcome to Boulevard. A community buzzing with life and something you feel from the moment you take it in. It’s active. Urban. Connected. Original. Where six new neighborhoods meet fresh ideas and even fresher energy. You’ll see it in The Rec Center, the parks that bring people outside and together. It’s modern. New. Social. It’s home. Boulevard is a place to experience.

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